Use Teamviwer’s remote connection without Teamviewer client


Many of you know but for whom those who don’t know First of let me tell you What is TeamViewer?

Its is an software which allow you to connect remote computer and operate it, it allows you to manage upto 10 remote computers

This is how team viewer looks like


While having remote connection computer from one remote control is done as well as other to whom remote connection is done requires same client at both places.


Many of you might know this but what so special in this post is here we are not gonna use this client as well as the computer whom we are control is not actually going to know that his computer was remotely controlled by TEAMVIEVER.


Steps :-

1. Register your TeamViewer account here

2. Activate you account and login

3. Ask person over remote computer to goto
Its website of India BEST antivirus Net Protector which provides support files of antivirus.. we don’t need any of those

4. Ask that person to click over the rotating capsule ate left top corner as shown below

which will let user to download one file REMOTE.EXE(which generates teamviewer id password required for remote connection )

(Instead of above step you can ask directly to open this  )

5. Remote.exe will generate id and password like this


6. Ask for id and password.

7. Enter those id and password in and click connect


And it will be connected…thus you will be connected via teamviewer but usr will nt have any idea about that…


Note: This must can be used when you are not at you home, office.. means in otherword when you don’t have teamviewer client or its blocked by your organisation.