MSPN- The mobile Social Networking



Hi Friends on my very first post I would like to let you know about a very fantastic mobile social networking site called as MSPN, which is complete free to use MSPN will not charge but your mobile service provider may charge you according to your selected plan.


Its your home page which is your portal to all MSPN services

Maine services provided by MSPN are

Blogging, Chatting, Making Friends, Sharing Photos, Making your own Groups, Share Photos and Share all you know in MSPN Forums


So lets get started with a small tour of MSPN

Messages : As stated allows you to exchange private messages between other MSPN users

Blogs: Allows to share what ever user have jokes, songs whatever and allows other user to comment it.


Friends : Allows you to see which MSPN friends are online and to add new friends, when any other user send you friends request  you get its notification at bottom


Guests: It tells you which user visits your profile.


Photos: Allows you to share your photos and a great feature about that is you can create your Albums with complete privacy settings, so its upon user, to whom he/she wants to show pictures

Note: Uploading Adult Images will lead to permanent ban of you MSPN id


Rating: Tells you how much popular you are in whole site and by click over that you will be able to see top 10 user of MSPN, spending more time over MSPN using all features will help in increasing your rating


Tribe: This allows you to create you own group of MSPN members, which allows you private forums chat, where you could be complete owner of that group called as MUKHIYA or ou can just join other member’s group, aslo one good feature it give is if groups is so big and its getting more difficult MUKHIYA to manage it by him/her self he/she can appoint tribe moderators called as PANCHAYAT

Will tell more about tribe later in this post.

If you are MUKHIYA you can configure your tribe to be public or private means tribe Chats and Forums could be either public or private.

Through tribe cPanel you are able Check Tribe Guest, Add members who requested to join your tribe, Disband tribe, Set Tribe’s Image and Change its description and set its privacy.


Notification: It notifies about new post in Friend’s Blog,  Forums and Your Tribes

Home PageHome PageHome Page


Settings: Its an user Control Panel which allows user

Change Username: Allows to username only once.

Change Avatar: Allows to set change or remove Profile Pic

Color Scheme: Not satisfied with MSPN’s default theme so make it you own theme

Change Password: After all security is first priority, so if you are not secured change your password

Block List: Any other MSPN User is troubling you just add Him/Her to block list so that he/she will not be able to contact, BUT In chat room as they are public there you can’t block them, for that ask any MSPN Moderator to help you search for these ids and ask them if any user trouble you a lot in public chat rooms MKJ, Steph, Rik

Edit Profile: Changes the description of you PUBLIC profile

Disable SMS: MSPN send SMS notification over you registered mobile phone when you are offline, if you don’t want these you can disable it.

Disable Notifications: If you don’t want friend’s diary, Forum’s and Tribe’s  Notification you can disable it too.

Chat message limit: Have a small mobile screen or large mobile screen. Adjust number of chat messages in Chat Room according to your requirement.

View My Profile: It show shows user his/her Public Profile

Few Screen Shots

Chat Message LimitPublic Profile


Search: Allows you to search other MSPN users with filters of AGE, SEX, Location(City). Then  search Topics in forums, and search username directly.



FreeSMS: Allows you to send free SMS all over India also allow you to add contact over  mspn, so that you don’t need to check you contact number again and again

Free SMS


CHAT: There are for Public chat rooms MSPN Live, Friends, Party, Romance and Singles Bar

Except Singles Bar all cat rooms Private Messages are allowed, Private messages are done by clicking over user’s id in chat room which is viewable to only reciever
All Chat roomsChat Room


Tribes: If you click over Tribe at the top you will get 4 options

My Tribes: Show the for which user is Mukhiya, Panchayat and Member

All Tribes: Shows all tribe in MSPN

New Tribes: Show latest regestered tribes

Most Popular Tribe: Tribe have ratings according to rating top 10 tribes are sorted in this list

New Tribe Registration: Allows user to request for registering, then MSPN Admin and Moderators review your request and accepts or reject your tribe

Tribe Registration


Forum: MSPN forums where you can share whatever you have I’ll not tell about this for that you have to go and check there you are going to love it 🙂
Forums First halfForums Second HalfPC GamesThread


AT LAST Let Me tell you one Intresting feature of MSPN



Offline MSPN


And last but not the least is your feedback, what do you feel about MSPN


So I want everyone of you to try MSPN here is the link to mspn