Increase Torrent Ratio

Those who don’t know about RATIO:

As is torrents data is not present on any server, its on various PCs(seeds) and to keep torrent alive for long day its very important that people seed them mean allow other users to download that from there PC. So RATIO implies users to seed for more time. Its is recommended to keep ratio more than 1, mean upload more than your download. If ratio remain low for long time tackers ban the IP address so user have to maintain ratio to continue downloading from torrent.

In last post we saw how to increase torrent download speed, same technique can be used in maintaining ratio on Private torrent tracker such as Demonoid, mastitorrent etc.

No problem with Demonoid, because it won’t ban you for less ratio but there are lots of other Private Torrent Trackers which bans you for having less sharing ratio.


It works this way:-

– While downloading torrent remove Private Tracker and use Public Trackers for download

By this Private tracker will not record your download

– After download replace Public Trackers with Private Tracker.

Now for Private tracker you haven’t downloaded anything, now when you will seed means upload the torrent, private tracker willl just record upload no download, it will help you increase you “Upload : Download” ratio


For example See video

Note: Few private torrent tracker don’t hold public tracker, so in that case this trick wouldn’t work.