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NEW TRICK to download movies from IMDb


My lots of friends asks me from where to download movies, lots of friends don’t have concepts clear about torrent so I can’t explain everyone the complete process every time. Even while playing with torrents if torrent goes fake its complete waste of bandwidth and time so in this post I’ll be telling you one of my personally favorite process

Now, technically speaking movies can not be downloaded from IMDB because IMDB just stores movies information on not movies. IMDB is the biggest internet movie database by Amazon


1.  Google Chrome Browser

2. IMDb Download Button

3. BitTorent



1 . Install Google Chrome and BitTorrent(if you don’t have)

2. Install IMDB Download Button from here

3. Search any movie movie in IMDB which you have to download, wait for a while there soon you will see the DOWNLOAD button  below movie description.

IMDB Download Button Page

4. Clicking over Download Button well redirect you to PirateBay pagePirateBay Torrent Page

5. Remember to click only on Download this torrent

6. Open Downloaded torrent, it will open BitTorrent, Click Ok and start download the torrent

Click OK and Download Torrent


And these will give your exact movie, but some times movies are remake so it may redirect you to different same title, but this process will never waste your bandwidth and time by downloading fake torrent.

If you can see properly the movie over displayed in IMDB page “Born to Ride” is not released yet, its release date is 26th July but still we can download it before it release.

So how is this possible?
In some countries movies are released before date and from those countries we get those movies.


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