Blu Ray releases on IMDb


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Today I would like to share with you how to check  Digital Copy or UltraViolet or Blu ray releases on IMDb.

But why through IMBd?

I use IMBd as a great resource of movies, I come to know about movies only trough IMDb & lists created by IMDb users. While browsing you wish to download it can be downloaded through my extension which I mention is my last article, but what if you using extension you would get a CAMRip? That wouldn’t be a good experience to watch that movie, so obviously you would expect that to be in good quality. Users with new computers with higher resolutions would expect 720p or 1080p Blu-Ray or Blu Ray Rip OR users with old computers with lower screen supporting resolution would expect Screener, DDC, R5(for India), DVD, DVDRip, etc. So today I would tell you few ways to check if Blu Ray or DVD is released or not.

Blu Ray Releases :

1. Through Movie on IMDB

Open any movie on IMDB and check for Blu Ray releases at the the bottom of Movie, if you find the this Amazon link it would mean that Blue Ray & DVDs are released.

For example:

Blu Ray releases

2. Through Movie List on IMDb

– Open any Movies list on IMDb, for example you can open my list by clicking here(if you wish you may sort by US Release Date).

– On Right side of list there would be a widget Refine List, in that Drop Down  and check on either Blu-ray at or  DVD at, and list would be show only movies which was released on Blu-Ray or DVD.

For Example:

Blu Ray releases

3. Through IMDb Editiors

Open this link and you would be redirected to list of movies created by IMDb Editiors which were released on Blu-Ray or DVDs in current month.

4. Other than IMDb

If you are so eager to know when Blu Ray is going to release in future or when it was released you can visit

Blu Ray releases

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