Increase Torrent Speed


First of all let me tell you What is torrents and how it works?

In lame language Torrent is a small file which contains the information required for an torrent client to download your actual data.

When torrent is created a big file is divided into small pieces of 16kB, 32kb,…, 2048kB, 4096kB. Then few trackers are added to it, tracker is a server that manages the the file transfer process.

After creating the torrent, its uploaded to any torrent download site suck as piratebay, kickasstorent etc when torrent is added to this kind of site personal site trackers are also added to that torrent.

Initially, when anyone downloads the torrent it will have only 1 seed, means source of download thats only your computer, when that download will finish there will be 2 seeds in other words 2 source computers which will have the real data.

The computer downloading the torrent data is called as PEER and computer which has complete torrent data is called as SEED, torrent download speed is divided into all peers, so more peers more speed but if peers are less then its will be much better for the speed.

All SEED and PEER information is stored in Trackers so that torrent, so finally i can say more more Trackers more seeds and more SPEED


So now I’ll tell adding more trackers to the torrent


1. In area where torrent details are shown, right click on HASH and copy

Click over Image to for large preview

2. Search on

3. From there copy the public trackers and paste those to your torrents properties ( while pasting trackers remember there must be 1 blank line between every torrent)


Note : You will not get more speed than your ISP provides.