3G have made Fair Usage Policy(FUP) a Fuck User Policy


I just want to inform you everyone about the Conspiracy going around you which every internet user must know.

Now a days if you see every 3G plan provided by any Internet Service Providers is suppressed  by Fair Usage Policy, where they provide us High Speed 7.2/3.2 Mbps internet connection till some fix Data Usage considered to be 1GB, 2GB, max to max 30GB after that speed is capped down to 256Kbps and they call it after that its unlimited plan.

Then why the fuck they call it as UNLIMITED plan when they restrict High Speed after fixed data usage?

So why this FUP?
They say few customers may use excessive amount of the data transfer(Data Usage/ bandwidth), which causes traffic congestion on the network and its a shared bandwidth so the over-usage of a few customers must not affect the rest of the users.

World got 5G in progress 4G implemented but we are still fucked up in India’s 3G Traffic Congestion. problem

After fixed data usage what they give us is 115 Kbps connection which means 14.375 KBps download speed or 256Kbps connection(32KBps download), thats even better with Commercial Internet Service Provides but Bhangar Seva Nigam ltd.(BSNL) not even provide data usage after that Bandwidth limit in complete. Even after providing “High Speed” they want us just to surf or check mails, but don’t download otherwise FUP will fuck you up. Then whats use of this kind of  Lightning Fast speed?

Consider a scenario, where ISP got plan which provide 3.2Mbps internet connection with a FUP where 30GB is high-speed download limit.

3.2Mb = 400KB...............3.2Mbps connection provides 400KBps download speed
30GB = 31457280KB..........So user can download 31457280KB at high speed(400KBps)
31457280/400 = 78643.2.....With the speed of 400KBps user will complete 30GB download in 78643.2 seconds
78643.2 seconds = 21.85 hours

So all this calculation draws us a result that this provided plan will end up high speed internet while conistent download of 21.85 hour.

Not even a complete day they can provide us high speed and here use is fucked up by ISP due to lack of knowledge.

I have written this post to make you aware of this and please share this post to your friends and make them also aware of this conspiracy. You can share is over facebook twitter google+ wherever you want to.